Local 52 Health & Welfare Plan

2024 Health, Dental and Vision insurance Information

The health & welfare rate for 2024 is $7.96 per hour.

The Health insurance premium is  $1287.00 per month.

Dental and Vision coverage is an added benefit of the plan.

Health Coverage is through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. 1-800-292-8868  www.bcbsal.com

Dental Coverage is through Guardian. 1-800-541-7846    www.guardiananytime.com

Vision Coverage is through VSP.  1-800-877-7195   www.vsp.com

HRA Coverage is through BPAS.  1-866-401-5272  www.u.bpas.com

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama health insurance- There are no changes to copays or deductibles for 2024. All benefits remain the same. Please refer to the BCBS Benefit booklet for complete coverage details. Contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama at 1-800-292-8868 or online at www.bcbsal.com. Many services are available on the website; view and file claims, find a doctor, manage prescriptions, compare drug costs and find a pharmacy. Blue Cross now offers an APP for mobile devices that includes many of the online services.



A “Dollar Bank” will be established to accumulate Employer contributions credited to each Participant in excess of the initial and continuing eligibility requirements up to a maximum reserve of twelve (12) months.  Dollar Bank contributions will be used toward future eligibility when needed.  Monthly Insurance Premiums will be deducted from your Dollar Bank and remitted to the appropriate Insurance Carrier.

When Employer contributions in excess of the minimum requirements for initial and continuing eligibility are received, all contributions in excess of the minimum requirements will be credited to your Dour Bank up to a maximum reserve of twelve (12) months.  Employer contributions in excess of twelve (12) months will be permanently transferred to a Participant’s HRA Account.

The Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 52 Health & Welfare Plan was created to provide health, dental, vision, death and disability coverage to Employees. While the Plan provides a Dollar Bank to be used by Participants and Employees during times when work is slow or not available, the Dollar Bank is not a vested benefit and use of it is limited to Eligible Employees as provided in the Plan’s governing documents.  Under the terms of the Plan, an Employee is an individual who is employed by or seeking employment with an Employer to render services which under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement or other agreement require the Employer to make contributions to this Plan.  Upon meeting these guidelines, you are eligible for coverage.           

However, should it be determined, that you are no longer employed or seeking employment with an Employer who contributes to the Plan, you are not an Employee or Participant.  As such, you would no longer have access to a Dollar Bank to continue coverage under the Plan.    Without the Dollar Bank, you would not have sufficient hours for participation in the Health, Dental and Vision Plan.  At that time, your coverage under the Plan would terminate and you would receive Notice of Continuation Coverage under COBRA.  Any remaining Dollar Bank balance will be forfeited to the Plan.  You will also forfeit your HRA Account if you are no longer an Employee, Separated Employee, Retiree or no longer work under a collective bargaining agreement with any AFL-CIO affiliated labor organization.

Dollar Bank and Health Premiums effective January 1, 2024 -  The health & welfare benefit rate of $7.96 per hour is based on working 162 hours each month to cover the health premium of $1287.00.  Premiums are deducted from your dollar bank on the 1st of each month for the following month (ex: on 01/01/24, premium for 02/01/24 is deducted.  Local Contractors are required to remit hours to the Plan by the 15th of the month following the work month (ex: January work hours will be received in February).  Premium notices are mailed around the 15th of each month if your dollar bank is depleted. If you receive a premium notice, please do not disregard it…you are receiving the notice because 1) you have been out of work and your dollar bank is depleted or 2)  you are working out of town and your hours have not been received.  Please call the Benefit Office immediately so we can contact the Contractor or Local to locate your hours.  Please note that your health & welfare dollar bank insurance coverage is based on hours receivednot hours worked.  Therefore, if you are working out of another Local, have not worked enough hours or hours have not been received by the plan… and you receive a premium notice, you must pay the premium for your health insurance coverage to continue.

When working through another Local, it normally 2-3 months, sometimes longer, for the Plan to begin receiving hours worked.  The health & welfare rate per hour is different for each Local. Therefore, based on that rate you may need to work more/less hours to cover the premium each month.  If the rate for that Local is less, then you would need to work more hours to cover the monthly premium.  This lower rate could cause a reduction in your hour bank balance and over time may cause you to owe premium out of your pocket.  If the rate for the Local is more, then you would need less hours to cover the monthly premium and this should help increase your dollar bank balance.

Please read the Summary Plan Description for complete details.  


This site is maintained by Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 52, on behalf of the Local 52 Fringe Benefits Fund (Fund).  The site is intended primarily for Fund participants and beneficiaries to provide them with additional access to Fund information that they may find helpful.  Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of the below limitations and your acknowledgment that the content and services provided at this site are for information only. 

Please note: this site does not permit access to any confidential health related information or financial information. 

Do not rely on this site or its links for determination of questions that you may have about your eligibility or entitlement to Fund benefits or for Plan coverage and benefits.  Neither this site nor its links can provide you with a binding answer as to whether any claim you may have for Fund benefits will be allowed or denied.  If you have questions concerning your benefit eligibility, coverage or a benefit claim by you or your beneficiaries, you should contact the Fund Office located at 334-272-0240. 

Any general medical and other information provided by this site and its links is for your convenience only.  Do not rely on this information if you have specific medical questions.  Specific questions about medical issues should be addressed to your doctor.  And, do not disregard any medical advice you may have received because of information you may obtain from this site. 
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