SUPPLEMENTAL HEALTH REIMBURSMENT ACCOUNT PLAN (HRA) effective July 1, 2021 ELIGIBILITY Initial and Continuing EligibilityAn Employee is eligible for participation in the HRA on the first day of the month when an HRA is established for him. An HRA is established for an Employee when…
As the illness caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, continues to spread, many are concerned about the possible impacts to themselves and their families.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is closely monitoring the situation and has prepared contingency plans to ensure business operations…
If you need additional information, contact Kay Pinckard at 334-272-0240 ext. 5. The current health insurance provider is Blue cross Blue Shield of Alabama. You may contact BCBS at 1-800-292-8868 with any coverage or claim questions. You may also find participating providers and print claim…


This site is maintained by Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 52, on behalf of the Local 52 Fringe Benefits Fund (Fund).  The site is intended primarily for Fund participants and beneficiaries to provide them with additional access to Fund information that they may find helpful.  Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of the below limitations and your acknowledgment that the content and services provided at this site are for information only. 

Please note: this site does not permit access to any confidential health related information or financial information. 

Do not rely on this site or its links for determination of questions that you may have about your eligibility or entitlement to Fund benefits or for Plan coverage and benefits.  Neither this site nor its links can provide you with a binding answer as to whether any claim you may have for Fund benefits will be allowed or denied.  If you have questions concerning your benefit eligibility, coverage or a benefit claim by you or your beneficiaries, you should contact the Fund Office located at 334-272-0240. 

Any general medical and other information provided by this site and its links is for your convenience only.  Do not rely on this information if you have specific medical questions.  Specific questions about medical issues should be addressed to your doctor.  And, do not disregard any medical advice you may have received because of information you may obtain from this site. 
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