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GoLocal52qrcodeWelcome To GoLocal52

GoLocal52 is an interactive SMS text messaging service for Local 52 members. 

GoLocal52 allows members 24/7 access to important information directly from Local 52.

 GoLocal52 will answer the following frequently asked questions:

What are my dues and death assessment paid thru? And what is my balance owed?

What is my health & welfare dollar bank balance?

What company is the provider of Health, Dental and Vision benefits?  With direct link to provider website.

Members can make payments via GoLocal52.  Payments are updated every Monday.

To get started, simply open the camera on your phone and scan the QR Code above.  Save the number (866) 344-0052 in your phone contacts.  Access is based on the Member's mobile number on file with Local 52.  There is no direct communication with Local 52 through this service, please contact us by phone or email with any questions or to update your mobile number.

Try all the current options!!  Simply text the phrases below to receive a response in seconds.

MENU (All current options, more on the way)

STATUS (All About You)

COVERAGE (Insurance Info)

PAY (Pay Dues online with PayPal, debit or credit) - Payments are updated every Monday.

CONTACT (All about Local 52)


CONTACT INFORMATION – Please be sure to update the office if your Mobile Phone number, Address or Email Address changes.  These are the most efficient ways for the Local to contact you.

Member BenefitsDues Payment Options

Credit and debit cards are accepted as payment for union dues and assessments via GoLocal52, and phone.  A 2.5% convenience fee applies. These are the preferred payment methods, eliminating late fees and lost mail.

Enrollment in Automatic Payments is Easy!!  We can automatically deduct your monthly dues and assessments from your checking or savings account.  Your account is debited on or before the 10th of each month.  Death Assessments are deducted the following month after you receive notification (example:  if you receive a notice in January, then the assessments will be debited along with your February dues.)  The Sick Fund Assessment will be drafted each year along with your March 1st dues.  A receipt for your payment will be emailed to you.  Get started today...Complete and return the Bank Draft Authorization Bank Draft Authorization available under the Document/Member section. Please be sure to attach a VOIDED check. 



Sick Fund

To apply for benefits through the Sick Fund, a member must contact the Hall for a Sick Card. Members paying reduced dues for any reason, except apprentices, are not eligible for benefits. The card must be completed and signed by the doctor and submitted to the Sick Committee for approval. You have 30 days from the date of the occurrence to file for benefits. The Sick Committee has authority to approve or disapprove a sick card. Any member applying for benefits, who has not paid their annual assessment or is not in good standing, shall be automatically denied. If rules of the Sick Fund are broken, or member has made a false report, he shall be ineligible for benefits for one year.

Welder2Welder2The amount payable shall be $80.00 per week. Payments will be made for the first week, if the member is continuously disabled and unable to work due to an illness or injury for five (5) consecutive days, provided he is continuously under the care of a Medical Doctor. Payments will be limited to four (4) weeks per year.   The Sick Card is available here for download under Documents/Members.

2024 Monthly Dues

The current monthly dues are as follows:

59.00    JOURNEYMAN    
30.00    RETIREE    
10.00    RETIREE 40+years of service
30.00    JY OUTSIDE TRADE    
27.00    DISABLED under 65    
20.00    DISABLED OVER 65 as of 2017
32.00    METAL TRADES    
30.00    50%    APPRENTICE
32.00    55%    APPRENTICE
35.00    60%    APPRENTICE
38.00    65%    APPRENTICE
41.00    70%    APPRENTICE
44.00    75%    APPRENTICE
47.00    80%    APPRENTICE
50.00    85%    APPRENTICE
53.00    90%    APPRENTICE
56.00    95%    APPRENTICE

0.00      Life Member

Death Assessment - $20.00 due upon receipt of notice

Sick Fund Assessment - $20.00 due on March 1st of each year.

Welder3Email Addresses

In an effort to look at possible cost saving measures and a quicker avenue of sending important news to the membership, we are requesting an email address for each member. Dues receipts are now sent by email only. If you do not have a personal email address, it could be the address for anyone in your household that would give you the information (ex: your spouse or child).   Just send an email to Kay (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and your email address is saved. Only takes a few seconds…it’s that simple…no cost for postage or a phone call!!


Had any life changes lately? 

Marriage, divorce or new baby? If so, you may need to change your beneficiary.  It is very important for you to keep your beneficiaries up-to-date.  A deceased Member without a current beneficiary on file causes extra expense for the Local and hardship on the families left behind. Beneficiaries should be updated periodically. The Local should have a form on file for for each member on the following benefits:

  1. Local 52 Death Assessment/ UA Burial Benefit form – ALL members.
  2. Life Insurance form - Only members currently covered under health insurance and retired members covered under life insurance only.
  3. Pension Plan – Members who are Vested in the defined contribution plan and receiving a quarterly statement from Charles Schwab. If you are married, the Annuity Waiver/Consent Form must be signed and notarized. Please read the Explanation carefully.
  4. National Pension Fund- contact the Fund at 1-800-638-7442 to receive forms.

Forms are available under Documents/Members.

Death Beneficiary Form

Beneficiary Form Life Insurance

Pension Beneficiary Designation - QPSA Election and Notice

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